APA Credit Group

A key component of asset management is assessing the credit risk of an issuer. Asset Preservation Advisors’ (APA) Credit Research Group (CGR) of Analysts has a combined 40 years of fixed income research experience that is solely dedicated to analyzing the underlying credit fundamentals of municipal bonds. The Group assigns internal ratings along with Short Term (ST) and Long Term (LT) outlooks on an issuer’s debt. Our analysts assess the credit health of each issuer through internal and external sources and do not rely on major ratings agencies or bonds insurers alone. Individual holdings are reviewed, first from a credit perspective, and then from a relative value standpoint based on market valuation. As it can be inferred from our name, asset preservation for our clients is our first priority and our research team, working closely with our portfolio managers and traders, recommends the purchase or holding of any security only if we believe the underlying credit fundamentals are sound.

Watch below to see our Head of Municipal Research, Paul Nolan, discuss our research and credit procedures.

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